Circuit Volcan / Sud

Découverte de notre montagne vivante avec ses différents paysages volcaniques dans toute leur splendeur.


  • - 07:00: Departure from the hotel towards the Piton de la Fournaise massif, considered one of the most active volcanoes on the planet. Ascent of La Paine des Cafres, market gardening zone and breeding plateau to reach the different volcanic landscapes :
    Circuit volcan sud kreolie 4X4
    • Stop at Nez De Boeuf (2070 m) with panoramic view on a circus formation (Riviere Des Remparts and below islet Roche Plate).
    • Crossing La Plaine Des Sables, lunar and grandiose landscape.
    • Arrival at Pas de Bellecombe: located at 2311 m altitude, his majesty "Piton de la Fournaise" stands in the middle of the enclosure Fouquet.
Circuit volcan sud kreolie 4X4

Our journey continues towards the most beautiful landscapes of the Sud Sauvage by La Plaine Des Palmistes which remains an astonishing village of character for its beautiful Creole huts.

We will cross the Bridge of the East River (exceptional work) which will take us into the city of Sainte Rose from which we will discover the different eruptions outside the enclosure (1977 casting which devastated the villages but miraculously spared the church of Piton Sainte-Rose and the casting of 1986 which has, enlarged the island of 30 hectares).

Then we will enter the very interior of the enclosure where since 1998 lava has never stopped attacking the national road.

  • The casting of 2005 is a true natural masterpiece. It has taken again the traces of that of Jan 2002 which has swallowed the site of the Virgin Parasol to go to the ocean.
  • That of 2004 remains an original eruption with the appearance of several cones at sea level.
  • Before leaving the enclosure, we will discover the flows of 2007 that vulcanologists already call the eruption of the century with its 45 hectares earned on the sea.
Circuit volcan sud kreolie 4X4

We will continue our walk in the forest of Basse Vallée through a field of sugar cane and palm kernels to reach a table d'hote (authentic little paradise at the end of the world) located in the heart of a forest of colored wood for a traditional Creole meal.
We will leave this enchanting setting for the discovery of one of the main and delicate cultures of the region: La Vanille.

A return around 17:30 to the hotel is planned through the various cities of the south coast (Saint-Joseph, Saint-Pierre ...)

Price : 125 € /pax (meal included)


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