Circuit Salazie

Salazie will seduce you with its breathtaking mountains and numerous waterfalls.


Circuit salazie kreolie 4X4


  • Departure from the hotel at 7:00 in the direction of the typical Saint Paul market.It is without question the most beautiful, the most picturesque and the most colorful of the island. Its location on the seafront makes it a pleasant place for a stroll. It brings together craft stands from the Indian Ocean, herbalists, florists, fishmongers, fruit and vegetable sellers ...
Circuit salazie kreolie 4X4
  • Head north of the island to admire the Niagara Waterfall and especially to discover the secrets of the preparation of the most famous Orchid The Vanilla of Reunion. Direction then, the greenest circus of the island 'Salazie' where the road is a real garden of greenery and waterfalls, where the water coming from the mountains tumbles down the slopes in shiny lace curtains in the "veil of the bride". Several photo stops will be proposed. (The white waterfall etc ...)
Circuit salazie kreolie 4X4
  • We will continue our journey to the Mare a Vieille Place, where many panoramas will make you dream.
  • Homestay for a traditional meal where you will discover a place out of the ordinary, a haven of peace in the countryside, accessible only by 4x4 at the footfrom the Anchaing piton, you will discover the circus specialty: the Scream.
  • We will continue our walk to Hell-Bourg via Ilet to Vidot where our stop will be devoted to the visit of this village classified among the most beautiful villages of France and which is the perfect living museum of the Creole architecture where you will be welcomed with the smile.
  • 17H30 to the hotel planned.


Tarif : 120 € / pax (meal included)


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