Circuit Entre-Deux / Cilaos

Discover Cilaos in all its extent with many breathtaking views.


Circuit dimitile cilaos kreolie 4X4
  • 7:30 am: Departure from the hotel, for a very intense day, to the botany and the history of slavery.
  • From there, head for ENTRE-DEUX: a Creole island that stands out for its art of living and its priceless architectural museum.
  • Several stops necessary to understand the geographical situation of this village.
  • A stop at The Coteau Sec where unique panoramas will be available to you:       
    • All the mountains that surround Entre-Deux
    • Plunging view of the town and these differences
    • Panorama on the entrance to Ciloas Circus
    • Postcard from the south of the island.
  • Circuit dimitile cilaos kreolie 4X4
  • After visiting the village of Entre-Deux, we will go inside the village of Cilaos which was once the "refuge of the black chestnuts" by a vertiginous road where each bend will make you discover a breathtaking landscape.
  • After crossing the last tunnel, we will take the direction of the village of "Bras-Sec" via the "cap of the priest" where you will have the opportunity to see fields of one of the main cultures of the circus, the lens .
  • We will also cross a forest of cryptomerias to reach the place called "the rope island", from where we enjoy a breathtaking panorama of the circus and its villages, where the scattered topography of the Circus will impress you.
  • A Creole lunch will be served in all its tradition and you will have the opportunity to taste the famous lentils of CILAOS (in season).
  • The afternoon will be spent visiting the village: the trade street with its tourist office, the church, the embroidery, the cellars etc.
  • 17H30 : return to the hotel..
Circuit dimitile cilaos kreolie 4X4

Tarif : 120 € / pax (meals included)


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